James Camali
At the age of ten, James discovered his passion for filmmaking when he stole the DV camera from his father’s sock drawer and made – what he thought was, yet was probably far from – a visual masterpiece. At the time, he was unaware that he had to use a new tape. So, unfortunately mum and pop lost a majority of their favorite “films”.

That naive ambition has led to a young and fruitful career - thanks to Out of Shot. In film school, he co-produced and directed an ultra low budget movie that was bought by Lifetime Movie Network. He is the executive producer on The Lennon Report, an award winning narrative feature film about the death of John Lennon. James directed and produced an award-winning short film Gary, which is now (FINALLY) gearing up for a longer festival run.

Outside of work, James continues to develop his skills as a director, writer, editor, pick-up basketball player, and responsible cat owner.
Joshua Barclay
Senior year of high school Josh was struck by a stark realization: undersized basketball players with little to no explosiveness and an unreliable jump shot don’t usually get drafted to the NBA. Honest with himself, he put down the basketball in exchange for a copy of Final Draft.

Since that time, Josh has become an award-winning screenwriter, sold a feature length script featuring comedian Nick Swardson, and has written short films and sketches for his beloved comedy troupe, Why Hello John. Aside from writing and studying story structure, Josh edits video for corporations located in Manhattan.
Max Seiler
Production Co-ordinator/Assistant Director
Max Seiler was born in a small cottage on a hilltop deep in the forests and farmlands of Northern New Jersey. It was the part of Jersey that no one thinks exists, so Max lived most of his early life out of touch with modern society. Yet, as he churned butter and prevented barn fires and saved small children from the bottom of wells, he dreamed that there was something more. From his hilltop he could see the edge of Jersey, clouded by smog and oil refineries. What lay beyond he did not know, but he was determined to find out.

So, on the eve of his 18th birthday, he left his hilltop paradise to become a man and see the world. Through the dangers of the Garden State Parkway and Camden, Max emerged in New York City where he immediately became involved with the magic of filmmaking. Since his arrival he has become slightly more in touch with reality, but not enough to become boring.
Ronnee Swenton
Ronnee grew up just east of New York City on Long Island; always curious and eager to learn. With a background in Physics and Cinema Studies from Stony Brook Unviersity and a BA in Cinematography from The School of Visual Arts, he finds the magical balance between technical competence and a creative eye.

From directing to cinematography, managing to producing, editing to coloring and visual effects, he has a vast skill set; suprisingly advanced for such diversity. The founder and co-owner of Out of Shot, Ronnee lenses all of the company's projects and is the go to team member for post production duties.

Ronnee is always interested in learning and discussing his craft. Feel free to email him at ronnee@outofshot.com if you want to chat about filmmaking, cinematography, or gourmet burgers.